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A Load more boules.

The Annual Petanque and Barbecue evening was this year moved to September. Following the heat and flies of least year this proved a wise decision. The afternoon started with first round being played whilst the barbecue was being prepared. After the food had been consumed the the rest of the competition took place. At the end of the knockout the final was between Chris and Henny with Chris winning the coveted trophy. Thanks to Alan for all his hard work preparing the draw for the competition and to Sarah & Norman for delivering the Barby food, and all the members who supplied such a fantastic range of puddings


Hail Caesar-by Gaul Stones

Following an exceptionally good lunch at La Barriere in Chabanais (organised by Mavis), 22 Melting Pot members did the “motor car conga” the short distance to the Roman Baths Archaelogical site, Cassinomagus, at Chassenon for the July meeting. We were greeted in the main reception by our guide, who gave a brief description of, and explanation of the importance of the site as a stopover point on the Aggrippa Way. We started our tour as the sky darkened, as we inspected the wonderous arches of the foundations of the baths  the thunder started to rattle around. As we continued our tour the lightening flashed, followed by a drop in temperature and an increase in the wind. The rain started and we all took shelter under the tiled roofs. Then rain of biblical proportions started to fall, followed by a hailstorm of equally epic proportions and more thunder and lightening.





Photo: J.Hines

Chas discusses tactics with Tatiana

A Load of Old Boules

The second season of the summer  petanque league was well supported, some 16 members taking part. The eventual winner of the league was Chas who beat Chris by just one point

Photo: M.Scott

chabanais meal 5 hailstones3

At first the hailstones were about the size of marbles, but gradually increased in size to that of cricket balls. Driven by the ever increasing wind the ice balls smashed through the clay tiles allowing the rainwater to stream through, and deafening us with the noise of their destructive presence on the roof. As quickly as it arrived the storm passed and we continued our tour. Once the tour was over we were invited to ask questions about the site before returning to the car park.

At the car park we were greeted by a scene of devestation. Branches and leaves had been ripped from the trees, and, sadly, quite a few vehicles had bodywork dented by the hailstones and one member had his windscreen cracked.- A disappointing finale to a very enjoyable day out. (PS The storm was so severe that one insurance company in the region set up a mobile help centre, with surveyors and assessors on hand to deal with claims for damage caused by this unusual  metreological event)

Lunch                               Photo M. Scott

Photo M.Scott

One of the smaller hailstones

P7053405 WP_20180905_19_14_41_Pro

Winner Chris,on the right,

celebrates with runner-up

Henny, after a hard fought final.